The Products

BIE – Biomass Innovation Expo 2020 offers products, accessories and solutions with a technical focus on innovation technology and renewable energies.

Specifically, the event will present the most complete range of products, systems and components for biomass plants, pellets and fuels for biomass heating.

A complete showcase for machines and state-of-the-art technology solutions for residential and industrial use. The exhibiting hall is equipped with a specific fume extraction system that allows the activation of products to show them in function.

Download BIE 2020 floor plan

Here an overview of products presented at BIE.

    • Components and Accessories for the Biomass Sector

      - Aeration equipments
      - Anemostats, Registers, Diffusers
      - Chimney flues
      - Components for biomass plants
      - Components for burners
      - Facings for fireplaces
      - Fireplace accessories
      - Flexible pipes
      - Flue pipes accessories
      - Fume extraction systems
      - Insulating materials
      - Metal pipes
      - Pipe cleaning systems
      - Plastic pipes
      - Refractory materials
      - Stove accessories

    • Services and Technologies

      - Combustion control equipment
      - Pellets
      - Products for maintenance and cleaning
      - Software/services (systems design, installation, maintenance)
      - Stair-climbing trolleys
      - Trade press, Associations
      - Biomass boilers

    • Energy & Heating Production Systems

      - Biomass cogeneration unit
      - Biomass stoves
      - Cogeneration units
      - Fireplaces
      - Gas stoves
      - Multi-fuel boilers
      - Pellets stoves
      - Solid-fuel boilers
      - Solid-fuel burners
      - Solid-fuel stoves
      - Thermo-cookers
      - Thermo-fireplaces
      - Thermo-stoves
      - Wood-burning cookers
      - Wood burning ovens