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Warmflow è una delle 3 migliori aziende produttrici di caldaie nel Regno Unito e Irl, specializzata nella produzione di pluripremiate caldaie a biomassa, pompe di calore, cilindri e caldaie a gasolio.Warmflow è una delle 3 migliori aziende produttrici di caldaie nel Regno Unito e Irl, specializzata nella produzione di pluripremiate caldaie a biomassa, pompe di calore, cilindri e caldaie a gasolio.

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Founded in 1970, Warmflow is one of the United Kingdom and Ireland’s top 3 boiler manufacturers, specializing in producing award-winning biomass boilers, heat pumps, cylinders and oil-fired boilers. 8 years ago, Warmflow began to study the possibility of using its deep technical knowledge to develop a biomass boiler. A process that has resulted in the Warmflow WP18, which is possibly the most innovative boiler on the market today. There are a number of factors that make our boiler unique, but perhaps the the most important are: Suitable for outdoor and indoor use Our boiler is completely weather resistant due to its outer shell (IPS4) that protects the boiler from rain, wind and perhaps, most importantly, the cold to -25 degrees. We have also done everything possible to reduce the dimensions of the boiler in order to offer a compact solution without hampering maintenance work and facilitating installation in confined spaces. Automated cleaning We use a ceramic lighter and intelligent software developed by our own company to get a fast and reliable ignition. We also use a patented automatic cleaning blade system that breaks up ashes and helps maintain greater combustion efficiency. Smart technology To eliminate the problems associated with the purchase of software from third parties, Warmflow has internally developed all the software used by our boilers. We have also developed a remote-control application. Additions that leave the boiler ready for future updates. Combustion Chamber Connected to the Port To facilitate the cleaning of the combustion chamber we have connected it to the access door. In this way, it is very easy to empty the ashes and clean the combustion chamber. As you can see in our brochure there are two latches that connect the combustion pot to the ignition system. To avoid accidents the door has a safety locking system to prevent the door from opening when the boiler is running or is hot. Automatic restart The boiler automatically restarts after a power failure. No manual intervention is necessary. Lamdba sensor Our "smart fan" incorporates a lamdba sensor to make combustion as efficient as possible. Emissions It complies with the European Standard of low emissions EN305-5 and high efficiency (Class 5). We use an anti-condensation valve to maintain efficiency. Easy installation We have developed an integrated wheel system (patent pending) to facilitate installation and reduce personnel costs. Just connect 2 tubes and 2 cables to start the boiler. Therefore, a single operator can install our boiler in hours, not days. Integrated hopper The incorporation of a 120kg pellet storage hopper reduces the need to load pellets continuously. We estimate that under normal use, a full charge lasts a week. Inside the hopper there is a low-level pellet warning sensor that sends notifications to our mobile app and to the control panel. Other Advantages: - Fully modulated from 4Kw to 18Kw. - Built-in boiler with 60 l capacity. There is no need for an inertial deposit in most installations. - Includes an efficient variable speed circulation pump. - High capacity programmer with unique features that makes installation, operation and maintenance easy. - It connects very easily to the fireplace. - Easy to install, 2 cables, 2 tubes, 1 man. Find out more at: WWW.WARMFLOW.CO.UK WWW.WARMFLOW.ES